The Community Wide Garage Sale

The 2019 Community Wide Garage Sale is set for June 7 & 8. Contact Star Mead at the Village Office to get on the map of sites.

Click Here to get the Map and Brochure Listing of Sales

GarageSale1The community wide garage sale has been around for few years but lacking any real campaign, it often ended up small and incremental. Often times the location flyers carried only 10 or 15 sites with between 25 and 30 locations participating in the sales. As the Downtown Development Authority embraced a wider approach, that approach trended towards a broader campaign with a central advertising campaign that engaged the community to embrace the prospect of making a little money over a weekend.

An integral part of that campaign for 2010 included the establishment of promotional signs in front of the Depot downtown with those signs including a map of the Village where participants could place their address location on the map to make it easier to find. Included on the signs was a brochure pocket from which visitors could get a brochure map and locate those who were registered, and as well, add to the brochure those locations on the map that may not have made it in time for the brochure. Ultimately, there were 34 registered sites that made it into the brochure with 47 sites located on the sign maps.

GarageSale2By the time the weekend was over 72 locations within the Village had participated in the community wide sales, with probably the same number located outside the Village boundaries and in the Township. Although missing the brochure and the maps, several had taken advantage of last days planning to capitalize on a crowd of people that flowed into town. That crowd clogged many of the streets in the Village as buyers parked on both sides of most streets, reducing traffic to one lane in most cases. The clogging of the streets however, didn’t seem to deter anybody, as courtesy was observed while northbound traffic gave way occasionally to southbound traffic and eastbound traffic gave way to westbound traffic and vice-versa. Average sales at each site reached over $150 on Saturday with Sunday traffic helping to top the $200 mark for most sites.

The 2011 Community Widge Garage/Yard Sale kicked off the year with rain interferring with the Friday sales and Saturday yielding a misty and foggy morning. Still more than 51 sites around the Village and more than 30 sites in the various subdivisions around the Village, the 2011 sale still made for an average of $250 at each site with most of it coming on partly sunny skies on Saturday. While down in sites over last year in the Village the weather no doubt left many plans tentative as trying to cover all the sale items from the rain provided for a lot of hassle. A success by any measure, keep an eye out next June for the Community Wide Garage Sale when a decided advantage can be had by having your site located on the maps downtown as well as in the brochure.

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