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Parking Lot Improvements Completed Summer 2010

The Village of Grass Lake Downtown Development Authority continues its contributions to improvements downtown this year with a new parking lot construction and improvement project slated to start at the beginning of the summer. The area behind the buildings on the south side of Michigan Avenue (behind the Copper Nail, Comerica Bank and the old hotel) will receive a major upgrade to more effectively identify parking spaces in the area.

“The parking there tends to be a little disorganized,” said Village Manager Tom Nolte, “and we want to try to overcome that problem”. Indeed, with no real markings for parking, it tends to get about 25 to 30 possible parking spots scattered every which way. The new construction plan (see drawing), will first install new drainage lines to help alleviate a drainage problem on Lake Street, and proceed across the parking area into the driveway that passes by Aerospace on the north side of their building.

Once the new drain lines are complete, curb and gutter will be placed on the south side of the lot as well as the east and west sides to help control traffic flow through the area. Once the curbs are complete, then the lot will receive a new asphalt layer across the whole area, with striping to define 40 parking spots in total, with a couple of handicap spots for the backdoor entry to the stores on that side of the street.

The finish on the project will provide for some landscaping and lighting on the south border line of the lot and some brick and block work around the existing light poles to provide for some flower bed additions. All in all, the project should be complete during the month of July, Nolte says, and should help to enhance the downtown parking capacity. Business owners and their employees will be able to get into their buildings most of the time, but may need to seek some alternate parking plans during the early summer.

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