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Lying amidst the rolling hills and farmlands of Southern Michigan, Grass Lake remained a jewel in a state that hosts thousands of jewels in small towns that dot the landscape. While many have found it on the map (exit 150 on I-94), the quiet sleepy little village was missing from the map of adventure and interest as it continued its modest living style and quiet essence.

It was our mission to put the Village on the map of adventure and curiosity by keeping the downtown stores alive and thriving, and pointing out to passers-by that more than just sleeping existed here. Indeed, a destination to a wide array of visitors from antique enthusiasts to boat racing and bass fishing specialists, it was odd to find that ….Yes!...., Grass Lake does actually have a “lake”.

Cool City NeighborhoodMapping out the unique assets that existed here in history, culture, vision and potential for the future, the Grass Lake Village Council authorized the establishment of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in 1990. From its meager start that year, the DDA began its path to prominence with a simple plan to revive the historic downtown buildings, maintain the quiet solitude of the residential areas and promote the whole community as a “destination” of regional and national interest.

Today, the regional interest surrounding the Copper Nail Community Resale Shop brings many Southern Michigan area visitors to a little village that many didn’t even know existed; other than an exit off the interstate. As well, the attraction of the real “lake” to the Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association’s annual “Wild Ones Regatta” brought with it even wider attention with the running of the National Stock Outboard Races in 2009. As the DDA Board sought to maintain the community as an attraction for a number of reasons, it invested a lot of time and assets to make sure that the racing visitors found the area with a “feels like home atmosphere”. That has proved successful as the American Powerboat Association has given its approval to the second National races on Grass Lake in 2012.

Add to that the 4th of July Festivities, the Grass Lake Traffic Jam’in, the annual Wild One’s Regatta, Heritage Days, the Pedal Across Lower Michigan (P.A.L.M.) and the One Helluva Ride (OHR) bicycle tours, and the Spring Business Expo, a picture now comes to the imagination as one comes upon the 150 exit sign on Interstate 94. Don’t pass us by. Stop in to see what’s new and happening amidst those rolling hills of farmland.

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