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Village of Grass Lake DDA Beginnings:

While many have found Grass Lake on the map (exit 150 on I-94), our quiet little village is often overlooked. Mapping out the unique assets that exist here in history, culture and future potential, the Grass Lake Village Council authorized the establishment of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in 1990. It was then that the DDA started the plan to revive historic downtown buildings and to promote the community as a “destination” of interest, while maintaining the quality of life for our residents. A key part of the DDA's mission is to grow Grass Lake as a destination, by keeping current downtown stores alive and thriving, while at the same time enticing new retail and service businesses to our beautiful downtown. 

Cool City Neighborhood

Grass Lake currently offers a destination for a wide array of visitors from antique and thrift store enthusiasts to boat racing and bass fishing specialists. The Copper Nail Community Resale Shop brings many Southern Michigan area visitors. While here they can visit the Architectural Salvage buildings, visit the Lost Railway Museum, the Grass Lake Historical Society and grab a refreshing drink from the Roaming Goat Coffee shop, or a good burger from Missy's Little Grass Shack.  The Computer Source can help with all your computer needs and the Grass Lake Community Pharmacy can fill your prescriptions and meet many other basic health needs. 

Are local events your thing?   Maybe with the seasonal Farmers Market  and Music in the Park Series, the 4th of July Festivities, the Grass Lake Traffic Jam’in with free live music and a car show, Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association’s 2 summer races (in 2009 MHRA even hosted the National Stock Outboard Races on Grass Lake!), Heritage Days with a car show, our December Festival of Lights and so much more going on and suddenly, a picture now comes to the imagination! You will find that Grass Lake isn't just a great place to visit - it's a great place to call home.