Project #10

Along with the races in 2009, the DDA helped to launch one of the most successful downtown street fairs ever held in the Village of Grass Lake. With a combination of the racers, car show cruise in, food and entertainment, the Grass Lake Traffic Jam'in brought more than 4,000 people to downtown spread across four blocks to represent the largest street celebration rivaling the last large event, the Village's Centennial in 1971.

Project #9

The Village and DDA worked hard on attracting the National Stock Outboard races to Grass Lake and succeeded in 2009, helping to establish Grass Lake as a destination for the Nationals Race.

That destination success was confirmed with the attraction of the Nationals race again in the Summer of 2012.

Project #8

The Blueprint for Downtown was put together by HyettPalma in a grant that was awarded to the DDA in 2005 along with the designation of the Village as a "Cool City Neighborhood". The Village and the DDA provided the matching funds to leverage the funding from the state.

Project #7

Part of the review by the Design Michigan Program was the inception of a Chamber of Commerce organization. While the creation of the Chamber didn't cost us anything, a hearty capital contribution did get the Chamber underway.

Project #6

The Brown Street rail crossing was on the list of liabilities that the Michigan Department of Transportation was interested in reducing. Ultimately, the crossing was removed with Brown Street relocated and newly constructed to connect to Lake Street just North of the Tracks. The expense was covered with a grant from the DOT and Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Project #5

Design Michigan brought its staff to Grass Lake to review the Village and its Downtown area. Receiving a grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts for $6,500, the Village matched that amount and began looking at a number of design enhancements.

Project #2

Sewers throughout the Village completed in 1994 with an annual contribution commitment from the DDA totaling $1 million. In 1995, a contract with private parties extended the line into the Township to serve additional residences.

Project #1

New sidewalk curb and gutter from Brown Street to Lake Street on the North side of Michigan Avenue helped to set off the campaign to restore the old Michigan Central Railroad Depot.