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As can be expected, the term of a Downtown Development Authority, or any economic development organization for that matter, and its plans for the future as well as its successes tend to be evolving in a multitude of processes over time. For the Village of Grass Lake Downtown Development Authority those processes have been ongoing and ever-changing.

In this section we post the beginnings of the authority in early 1990 with the Base Plan, and proceed to the Accomplishments throughout the years, the Current Projects that are planned for any given time period, currently planned, or considered, Future Projects, the Market Area, and finally, a listing of the Board Members and staff.

We invite you to follow some of those processes, projects and plans to see what track the DDA has followed throughout the years, the impact it has made on the overall development of the Village, and the ultimate results that came of the development plans.

Grass Lake DDA BYLAWS are available for your review. 

For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact the authority from the “Contact” page